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Undoubtedly, Club388 is the most popular online gaming casino brand in Myanmar. Founded in 2019, we have hired over 200 employees to maintain the constant growth of our casino site. Since our new establishment, we have retained over 50,000 active deposit members and become the number-one online real money betting casino in Myanmar. At Club388, we offer the most convenient gaming platform, which integrates more than 15 gambling partners. The integrated gaming developers include Sbobet, WS Gaming, AE Casino, SA Gaming, JDB, and more. Burmese players can enjoy a massive game range in one application with seven languages. Furthermore, Club388 is the most convenient gaming site and application that works best for computers and mobile devices. It is a rare feature you can ever find in online casinos.

Also, Club3888 betting company knows what ideal service should be provided from a player’s point of view. It is the main reason we strive to deliver the best for you. At Club388, you will find all modern betting styles and games. We also offer convenient payments, quick deposits and withdrawals, a higher reward scheme for loyal players, and much more. With Club388, members will enjoy our multi-award-winning online casino games and world-class sports betting platforms. Discover the greatest advantages of playing online casino games with Club388: 

  • Play games for real money and get a generous welcome bonus of up to 30,000KS
  • Enjoy premium slot graphics, great titles, and sound effects with life-changing jackpot payouts
  • Huge variety of online casino games with 1000+ variations
  • Bet on world-class sports worldwide with WOS Sports betting and Sbobet
  • Relish a thrilling online casino experience with a safe and secure gaming environment
  • Play exciting live casino games from the comfort of your own home
  • Gamble online conveniently on real money games with the fastest deposit and withdrawal service

As the world’s top online casino destination, Club388 is Myanmar’s latest and most trusted online casino betting brand. We offer easy registration, secure accounts, and fast deposit and withdrawal transactions. For these reasons, we have won multiple awards and continue to strive for flawless online casino service in Myanmar. Our developers and operators have years of experience in the industry. They know how to create an online gaming platform that is user-friendly and packed with features. Club388 Myanmar is dedicated to providing our players with the best gaming experience and customer service. Our mobile app size is 4.19MB which you can download at APP Download Page.


Online Registration System

Additionally, Club388 puts forward a fast and convenient online sign-up process that makes it easy to become a member. The website features a safe and secure payment system and a convenient online registration form. Club388 is committed to providing a fully-optimized casino experience for our members. The online registration system is an essential part of our commitment. 

It is a one-time register. You do not need to keep signing in whenever you want to play. All you need is your username and password, which you can easily create during registration. Additionally, by registering online, you will get a lifetime betting account that you can use to play any of Club388’s casino games. Furthermore, our online registration is fast and efficient, so you can begin playing almost instantly. Our customer service representatives are also available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the registration process.

User-friendly Game UI Design

User-friendly Game UI Design

Clearly, Club388 is a stylish online gaming club that grants members a selection of premium quality games with impressive visuals and user-friendly interfaces. We mainly put so much focus on looks and design. We ensure Club388’s gambling interface is easy and splendid to use. With the game UI design, the developers have created an interface that is pleasing to look at and quick to navigate. Games with premium quality are becoming more and more popular. And Club388’s focus on looks and design makes it stand out from the crowd. 

With its stylish interface and focus on quality, Club388 is quickly becoming the go-to destination for Burmese gamers looking for the best gaming experience. Moreover, Myanmar players can select various game types, including slots, fishing games, live casinos, sports betting, and live table games. Likewise, Club388 offers several exclusive benefits, such as VIP treatment, newly registered member bonuses, and loyalty rewards. Therefore, Club388 is the perfect place to enjoy online gaming.

Real-time Payments 24/7

Real-time Payments 24/7

Fast transactions are the main pro of Club388 as we offer non-stop service assistance and highly trained customer service. Club388 guarantees fast transactions for our client’s payment and winning withdrawal within 24/7 service. More importantly, we have worked with the world’s most reliable and fast banking institutions, such as AYA bank, Yoma bank, KBZ bank, WavePay, KBZ Pay, and CB bank. As a result, you don’t need to wait days or even weeks to receive your winnings from an online casino. 

With real-time payment, you can enjoy your winnings immediately after playing your favorite casino games. This means no more waiting for cheques to clear or bank transfers to go through. You can sit back and have fun with your favorite games. In addition, real-time payment 24/7 ensures a fully-optimized gambling experience. You can play games smoothly without any delay. It means you can make the most of your time at Club388 online casino. Another strength that sets us apart from others is our security system. All transactions in Club388 are well-protected by the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This technology ensures that all information related to players and their transactions is confidential and safe from unauthorized access.

Attractive Deposit Bonus & Free Bonus

Attractive Deposit Bonus & Free Bonus

Are you looking for an online casino in Myanmar that offers an attractive and free deposit bonus? Come and join Club388 now! Our massive bonus cash offer of up to 300,000KS gives new members the chance to maximize their winnings automatically. And our unlimited 10% deposit bonus payout will keep you winning even more. Furthermore, we uniquely offer a special program for our existing players. 

The weekly lucky draw party will be present to grant the prize to Club388 winners. The award is worth 1 LAKH. Besides the lucky draw, Club388 also provides various bonuses to reward our loyal members. They are a 50,000KS-Birthday bonus, unlimited friend referral cash, 3% monthly cash back, and more. With all the bonuses we offer, Club388 sets up a lower turnover requirement than other online casinos in Myanmar. This makes Club388 casino an attractive gambling destination for many Burmese players.

Club388’s Betting Partner

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Do you have any questions about Club388 Group Myanmar? Find your answer below or contact our team!

Club388 is the world’s favorite online casino and sports betting destination. Club388 Myanmar Group employs over 200 people and has more than 50,000 active customers in Burma.  

Club388 online casino doesn’t impose any limit for deposit and withdrawal. We will follow the daily limit of your bank and the payment method you use. For example, the maximum transfer limit per day for Yoma Bank is 10,000,000 MMK.

Of course, your money is safe! The ownership of the Club388 betting account solely belongs to you, and only you can log into your account. Please keep the information of your username and password safe.

Club388 casino is completely accessible with any browser that supports HTML5. They include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. You can play any game instantly from your web browser.

All Club388 games use Myanmar kyat currency. The MMK currency is the main deposit currency to make bets in the games.