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JILI is committed to creating the most exciting and innovative games in pursuit of excellence and innovation. Similarly, they design online video slot and fish games with a variety that will keep you coming back for more! JILI’s gaming quality can be compared to Live22 Myanmar, where players can access all games that fit both mobile and computer screens. In addition, JILI is a game-changing global entertainment leader that has been innovating and surprising audiences since it opened its doors. With Jili’s vast experience, they are confident in their ability to create unique experiences for users worldwide with games like slot machines or fish betting games. JILI, as the leading supplier, specializes in the E-games field. Their rich experiences and appealing products will make them one-of-a-kind among competitors.


HTML5 is the latest coding standard used for building websites and apps. Its invention is to be responsive, meaning that it can adjust to any screen size. This is perfect for mobile devices, as it ensures that websites and apps can be used on any device without losing quality. Besides, Pragmatic Play Myanmar is a leading iGaming developer that produces HTML5 games. Currently, over 100 HTML5 slot games are available, with new titles being released regularly. All their games, including their popular slots, can be enjoyed on any mobile device. Therefore, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy the best mobile slots from Pragmatic Play Myanmar. Pragmatic Play offers some of the industry’s best real money slot games, with various themes and features.


PG Gaming has an extensive range of gaming options for all types and levels of players. Pocket Games Myanmar offers endless online entertainment, fantastic gameplay, and an outstanding slot game collection. It puts all its efforts into detail-oriented gameplay. As a result, PG Soft Myanmar is your go-to choice for all your gaming needs. Equally important, the Pocket Games Soft is one of the industry’s most innovative and thriving game development companies. Formed only three years ago, this small but growing group has already created 200 jobs with offices throughout Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific. 200 employees work on creating premium games for mobile devices that can scale quickly to any screen size without sacrificing quality or performance due to their use of HTML5 technology. In addition, each game title released by PG Soft runs exclusively off an application. This means players can play all games within modern web browsers, including Chrome browser, Firefox, Opera Browser, and more.


JDB Myanmar, established in 2010, was initially named JDB168 and Jiadoubao. They innovate the most popular slots games and fish games in Asia. Through the development of great games, JDB Myanmar has become one of the high-tech online gaming providers in the region. Moreover, they are dedicated to building a sophisticated gaming platform at your fingertips. Thus, JDB Myanmar has now become the first-rank gaming product supplier in the Asian market. The online gaming casino market in Asia has been growing rapidly. As a result, JDB168 is leading the way as its most extensive product. This software provider has indeed won awards for their innovative products. They particularly take home the best B2B digital platform solution from the 2017 Asia Gaming Awards! As JDB has insights into gaming market trends, they continue to release many innovative online games monthly to fit almost every taste.


Mimi Gaming Myanmar is an independent game studio located in Munich, Germany. Found in 2008, Mimi has attracted a large fanbase in Myanmar. They provide the innovative and original mobile slots game on the market when no one else can. Featuring over 30 games, the theme and design of Mimi Gaming are unique and creative. The games are easy to learn and rewarding. There is no other mobile game like it. Mimi Gaming is dedicated to innovating the best original games. They design exciting online in-house slots and mini-games. Playing Mimi Gaming, you will see each game features the greatness of art, quality, and entertainment. Those elements offer a full-fledged slot gaming experience worldwide. Mimi Gaming has art that is precise and of high quality. Art is an essential part of the game and makes it more enjoyable. The art also makes the game more challenging and fun. Quality is the top important part of Mimi games. Each slot game has excellent quality graphics and music. The music is thrilling and helps set the mood for the game.


From the creators of Asia’s favorite games comes a new generation that will bring you back to your childhood. Besides, the games Spade Gaming Myanmar creates are a perfect fit for mobile and desktop platforms. They particularly come with the greatness of gaming quality that will keep you playing for hours on end! The graphics are also stunning and captivating, with a superb sound effects package for endless fun! Spade Gaming is proud of its innovative history in mobile development. Since 2013, they have been at the forefront with games that can be played on any tablet or smartphone! The games from Spade Gaming Myanmar are all powered by HTML5 to provide a seamless experience on mobile devices. They have chosen a 16:9 aspect ratio for landscape mode, which means it will fit any screen size comfortably without losing quality!


The brand name, “Fa Chai” (in Chinese) means when in festivals, people bless others to make a lot of money and win big prizes. Like their games have the festive atmosphere typical for these soul-warming occasions. They also present lively sound effects, allowing players to enjoy themselves while relaxing! Fa Chai is Asia’s newest and most innovative slot and fish game casino developer. This new face will take you on a journey through the region’s unique culture with modern technology. Whether ancient wisdom or futuristic innovation, Fa Chai always creates an impressive and engaging slots and fishing games. With 23 premium video slots and fish games, you won’t get lost with your choice. The Fa Chai vertical slot and high-definition animation are visually stunning, and the story-telling theme is highly immersive. Apart from that, the top 10 winners in each game are displayed for extra motivation. The maximum prize pool is unlimited, so keep playing to see how much you can win! With high rewards up for grabs, Fa Chai is a game you won’t want to miss!


Red Tiger Gaming Myanmar is one of the hottest slots providers in the industry right now. Their games specifically feature stunning graphics, colorful animations, and interactive sound effects that bring the action to life. The player can in fact enjoy over 60 hot games within Red Tiger. One thing that sets Red Tiger Myanmar apart from other providers is its commitment to innovation. Accordingly, they consistently seek new ways to improve their games and make them more exciting for Burmese players. Besides, that commitment has paid off, as their games are some of the most popular online casinos. Furthermore, Red Tiger Myanmar also offers clients an unparalleled experience with games that are guaranteed to be top performers. In addition, they strongly believe in creating unlimited fun, refreshing and unforgettable experiences for users. What’s more, the game character design is all bright and alluring.


Powered by some of today’s most reliable and authoritative software developers in this industry, ONE GAME slot provider offers clients an incredibly robust platform without letting them download anything! Once you click “start,” your experience will be stunning as it delivers high-resolution graphics suitable for all types of devices. With many features, ONE GAME has become the world’s best slot casino. ONE GAME is an exceptional slot machine provider with quick access for launching each game. Regarding pictures and animations, ONE GAME slots are ahead of the rest. This advantage makes this exceptional slot game provider different from the classic slots where the player has to wait for a longer time for the spinning reels.


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With a wide range of slot game software, including JDB, Mimi Gaming, Spade, PG soft, and more, players can play all types of slots: classic, modern, progressive, 3D, Virtual Reality, and more. All slot outcomes are based on RNGs (Random Number Generators).

Playing slot games at Club388 is enriching. You can unlock many hidden features and prizes such as Free Spin, Scatter symbol, Wild symbol, Mega win, Multipliers, and a random jackpot.

We offer the highest percentage of Return To Players, up to 98%. This means that in every 1000mmk, players spend to spin within a game, they can win back 980mmk.

Club388 offers over 20 fishing games from the world’s leading software providers: Jili, JDB, Spade Gaming, and FACHAI. Fish games can be accessed from any mobile device and web browser.

To start your fish game, simply go to the “Fishing” page and search for your favorite fish games. Each game has beautiful graphics, apparent sound effects, and eye-catching animations. You can try one of these popular games: CaiShen Fishing, Fishing God, and Monkey King Fishing.


Are you looking for the best online casino games? If you like the thrill of playing slots and winning big, Club388 will be your excellent choice. Club388’s slot games allow players to win real money prizes for progressive jackpots and massive bonus rewards. Our game developers offer various slot machines, free games, and multipliers. On the slot page, we offer our players nine world-class slot innovators. They include JILI, Pragmatic Play, JDB, PGSoft, Mimi Gaming, One Game, FaChai, Spade Gaming, and Red Tiger. With a wide range of slot gaming options, players can freely join daily major tournaments and increase higher chances of winning bigger rewards.

At Club388 casino, we’ve got all the latest and greatest slot games for you to enjoy. Our online slot games are easy to play and tons of fun. Just pick your game, spin the reels, and see if you can hit the jackpot. With our amazing graphics and sound effects, you’ll feel like you’re in a real casino! 


Apart from slot machines, the real money fish game is the world’s most popular arcade game and has a strong reputation in Myanmar and Asia. For this reason, Club388 only picked the best fish game software developers to run the games in our venue. As a Club388 casino member, you can access over 20 fishing games available at JILI, JDB, Spade, and Fachai. The fishing games offer players an easy way to catch fish with 3D graphics and earn quick rewards.

Likewise, players can claim massive free bonus cash and access the games with a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. After logging in, players are ready to start their adventure by choosing their favorite canon to shoot and enter the battle of the enchanting underwater world. They will explore different parts of the sea, meet many other sea creatures and catch them to earn big payouts. The online fish game is unlike any other online game out there. It offers players the chance to catch a big boss fish and receive a payout of over x500 times their original bet.


Club388 is the most trusted online casino in Myanmar and has been operating for many years. We have the widest selection of online gambling games with 1000+ online slots and 20+ fish shooting games. In addition, all our games are fair and random, thanks to our use of the Random Number Generator (RNG). Club388 is additionally the perfect venue to play online slots and fish games. 

We offer up to 98% RTP (Return to Player), the highest rate in the industry. In addition, thanks to the high quality of the game software, players can expect to win more often than they would at other online casino sites. All of our game software is licensed and regularly tested for fairness. This guarantees that every spin is entirely random and that you always have a fair chance of winning. This makes us one of the most enjoyable casinos to play online slots and fish games. 


Club388 brings all types of online classic and modern slots to your home. We make sure that our players can access both styles of gameplay. Therefore, we deliver over five types of online slot machines where you can enjoy five-reel slots, six-reel slots, 3D slots, and so on. Each comes with its exclusive features and benefits. The payout percentage for all slots ranges from 95.5% to 98%. Here is a look at the five main most popular types of online slots games at Club388:

  • Three-reel Slot: these are the classic slot games that were modeled after the physical slot machines found in casinos. They usually have one pay line and a limited number of symbols. Players can typically bet from 50ks to a few thousand kyats per spin.
  • Five-reel slots: also known as video slots, these games usually have anywhere from 9 to 100 pay lines. They also have more symbols and features than three-reel slots. Betting limits are generally higher, but players can still bet a few hundred kyats per spin.
  • Progressive slots: these games have a jackpot that grows over time as more people play. The jackpot is usually triggered by hitting a specific combination of symbols. Some progressive slots have life-changing jackpots that can be worth millions of kyats.
  • 3D Slot: these are the newest type of online slot game, providing an immersive experience with lifelike graphics and sound effects. These games also tend to have more bonuses and features than other types of slots.
  • Virtual Reality Slots: Virtual reality slots are the ultimate immersive experience. These games use special headsets to transport you into another world, where you can interact with other players and the environment around you.