Club388 agent account is for those who want an extra income from their players. An agent account allows you to manage your member account setting, such as creating new accounts, monitoring real-time win/loss report, balance control, change password, etc. Also, we have several packages for you to become a club388 agent quickly.

Position Taking Package

Position Taking Agent Packages

Suppose you look for an authentic and profitable way to earn money online. In that case, we recommend trying Club388’s position-taking agent package. We offer 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50%, respectively, according to your preference. Position-taking or share revenue will occur when your referred players start winning or losing money. You will make considerable revenue when your referral clients have lost money on their betting. Guaranteed as the most profitable program, we offer commission rates and share revenue percentages much higher than the industry average. With the most extensive gambling product offer from Club388, you are sure to earn a lot of active players and make money in no time.

In addition, Club388’s position-taking agent package offers many advantages for those looking to earn lifetime income from the online gambling industry. First and foremost, the package provides ready-made marketing tools and resources that agents can use to generate players’ deposits. Additionally, the package is one of the lowest-cost agent programs available. There is no need to spend fees on office setup or hiring staff. Registering as an agent is completely free! The PT package comes with many valuable bonuses, including access to Club388’s agent management system and ongoing support from our team of experts. Club388’s position-taking agent package is hard to beat regarding its value and earning potential.

Club388 is the perfect position-taking agent package for easy registration and a proven successful money-making program. With Club388, agents can have a successful account registration within 10 minutes by closing the deal on the percentage of Position Taking they would like to proceed. Moreover, it is easy to see why Club388 is the perfect choice for making good money, as we offer simple withdrawal procedures for agents to get started. The revenue report will be notified and paid out to Club388 agents monthly. The massive range of gameplay provided by Club388 makes it easy for agents to get players on the hook.

Commission Package

Commission Agent Packages

Club388 offers an industry-leading commission package to its affiliates. Our monthly commission payout is unlimited, so you can earn as much as you like. And we pay commission based on the total turnover of referred players, so you’ll never have to worry about negative carryover. In addition, Club388’s lifetime commission package ranges from 0.50%, 0.75% and 1%, for those who register in commission agent program. By becoming our agent, you don’t need to worry about taking the risk to cover the players’ winnings because we do it for you. We also provide the best agent support for beginners. There’s no requirement to have any experience to become our agent. We will guide you step by step so you can earn a good commission without problems.

Without any doubt, Club388 is a high-commission income earning opportunity for potential affiliates looking to make money based on players’ billion-kyat turnover. With a high rate of commission offered, Club388’s agent package is one of the most competitive in the industry. Besides, Club388’s agents are entitled to use our promotions and bonus for their players. This makes agents run a business like this own! Agents have the opportunity to earn additional commissions based on how many active players they can earn within a month. Therefore, with our lifetime commission package, you can make a lifetime income without worrying about anything else.

Joining Club388’s commission package is easy. All you need to fill in is your name, phone number, and the first deposit from 200,000mmk to 1,000,000mmk or above. You’ll use your deposit credit to top up your players’ betting accounts. For payment methods, you can customize your own or follow Club388’s. We offer seven payment methods: Aya bank, KBZ bank, Yoma bank, KBZ pay, WavePay, CB bank, and OK$. Once you have joined our commission agent package, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that Club388 has to offer. Join us as a member and start enjoying the benefits of being a Club388 agent!


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To become a Club388 agent, you must have at least three active players and a minimum first deposit of 2 Lakhs. As a Club388 agent, you are entitled to create a player account, view win/loss reports, check outstanding, and more. You can also use your agent account to manage player accounts’ usernames, passwords, and betting limits. In addition, we offer a convenient service. It allows our agents to deposit and withdraw money for their players and provide them access to a large selection of games. Besides, our agent account has many features that make managing your member account easy.

Club388 is the latest trendy casino in Myanmar 2022. Within just a few years in the online casino industry, we have reached the peak of our career, with over 20,000 active members in Myanmar and 200 employees in Asia. That is why agents must take quick action to lead potential Club388 players and earn profits out of the market. Club388 invested million dollars in making the site first-party, offering instant gameplay for our members. Once you become our agent, you’ll benefit from our quick gameplay, easy registration, reliable 24/7 customer support team, and exclusive free bonuses and new member promotions. Grab your agent account within 15 minutes and choose either Position Taking or Commission program to start!


Club388 is an executive agent service provider, creating the profit program that perfectly fits your choice. We have a more comprehensive range of programs and services to meet your needs. So, you will have to select one program you want to join and get monthly compensation. The good news is the revenue share or commission payout is unlimited, which makes the program even more exciting.

Club388 designs agent programs that give you the best money-making experience with the most comprehensive package of affiliate services available. Our executive agent, and customer support team, are highly trained and experienced professionals. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients. In addition, we offer massive profits out of agent programs without any hidden terms and conditions. Join our extensive agent team today and learn more about our executive agent program and how we can assist you in achieving your financial goals.


Club388’s agent program is a generous and attractive offer that allows members and players to earn income from home with no additional investment. The program is to save you time and money. In addition, agents enjoy exclusive benefits. They are higher commission rates and access to VIP account upgrades and other advantages as follows:

  • Earn quick money: Generating players is a one-time job. And agents can benefit from revenue and commission from players’ lifetime account.
  • Customized agent care: Agents can submit their requests on selecting specific Club388 products and apply them to their agent account management.
  • Join the global market: Club388 online casino gives agents endless opportunities to advertise and reach hundreds of audiences in the gambling market without any restrictions.
  • Exclusive promotions and bonuses: Club388 give all bonus and promotion access to our agents and their players.
  • Life-long revenue share income: Agents’ net revenue will go massive once they have found quality players for the Club388 site. Agents enjoy up to 50% based on players’ losses.